Thursday, November 8, 2012

Moses goals as Drogba goal in Champions League final

Moses goals as Drogba goal in Champions League final

London (07/11) - The match between Chelsea v Shakhtar Donets is a game that reminds us of the Champions League final match between Chelsea v Bayer munich.
counter attack schemes implemented by the blues can Shakhtar Donets threw in the game.
scores between matches chelsea v Shakhtar Donets: 3-2 to chelsea win.

in 6 minutes, stirring Stampford chelsea fernando torres bridge with a goal. Shakhtar goalkeeper mistake from the Donets able at maximum by fernando torres who eventually became a goal. but the last 3 minutes Shakhtar able to keep the scoreboard, to 1-1 by goals willian. but Chelsea regained the lead 40 minutes thanks to goals from midfield maximize oscar Shakhtar goalkeeper error. but it does not stop there, willian scored again in the same way and able to deceive the goalkeeper from chelsea.
score as 2-2.

Moses created the 90-minute goal.

beautiful feed from the corner that dilesatkan by juan eye, able to be a goal by moses. where the turning point happens champions league final match. we are reminded by Drogba scored during a Champions League final match in munich.
moses way to score a goal the same way Drogba to score a goal. but not just the way it's all turning point, but the result of these goals chelsea able to win over his opponent. Two important goals in the same way by different people in one club.

Moses bio


Victor Moses (born 12 December 1990) is a Nigerian footballer who plays for Premier League club Chelsea. Moses can play in a variety of positions, but in the first-team games he has taken part in so far, Moses has mostly played as a left winger. Born in Nigeria, he has represented England at under-16, under-17, under-19 and under-21 levels, but opted to play for the Nigerian national football team as opposed to being fully capped at England level.

before playing for chelsea moses, moses be at the club:
Crystal Palace at the age of 13 years.
later in the season 2009/2010 moses bought by wigan athletic to transfer £ 2.5 million price tag.
2 years in wigan chelsea sign him to stamford bridge at a price £ 9 million .

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